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    Photo Gallery

    Peruse through our photo gallery of visits from Our Lady!

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    Schedule a Visit

    It's time to schedule a visit! Get all of the particulars of how to make a trip to your parish or event set up...

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    What People Are Saying

    Read testimonials from people who have hosted or attended and visits and find out how this miraculous statue is changing lives!

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    What is a Visit?

    A visit with Our Lady provides background information of Fatima, presentations, and question and answer time and can be tailored to your needs...

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  • The Pilgrim Statue

    The Pilgrim Statue

    The International Statue of Fatima is a Pilgrim statue and makes regular visits to the faithful to inspire and lead us closer to Our Lord through Our Lady...

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Welcome to The Official Website of the United Nations Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima!  The Message of Fatima is for the whole world and brings remarkable peace and blessings.  We encourage you to look at our site and learn about the miraculous message of Fatima.  Also, you may delve deeper into your faith by learning about this marvelous statue and discover the rich depth of Catholic sacramental tradition by reading about the reliquary that accompanies the statue.

The United Nations International Pilgrim Statue and reliquary have traveled the world under permission of the World Apostolate of Fatima and Vatican approval.  Thousands of faithful have discovered the story, miracle and healing power of these treasured pieces.

If you are interested in bringing the statue to your area please check our contact page for inquiries to Mrs. Judith Studer, the statue custodian.


EWTN Broadcast of an interview with Judith Studer and Jessica Marfeo is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO6uAzKHk2g 

Summer 2014

Summer is a relatively quiet time for us, and so we ask your prayers for this ministry, for those involved in bringing the Love of Jesus and Mary to various locations throughout the years, and for all those who have requested prayers on our visits.

The mission of the Fatima Statue is one of prayer and peace, of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Bringing Our Lady to parishes, dioceses and organization around the country, Judy Studer, custodian of the statue, says, “Our Lady said, ‘Do whatever He tells you,’ so I want to [also] do whatever he tells me. Praying with people, telling them of the love and forgiveness and mercy of Jesus is my mission. Quietly leading them to the sacrament of confession/reconciliation is what I think I am called to do.”

Would you like to join in this ministry of love and mercy? You can do so by joining us in our Facebook ministry.  Share God’s love, evangelizing the digital continent with stories of faith with us on Facebook. You can find us at  http://www.facebook.com/TheFatimaStatue. Share a picture of your favorite image of Mary, of you Church, or share a story of faith. Prayer requests are also welcome, and we ask all who Like us on Facebook to be a part of that prayer ministry.

We  would love to know if you are praying the rosary, as well. “Pray the rosary every day,” is the one request Our Lady made in every apparition of Fatima. Let’s do it!