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    What is a Visit?

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    The Pilgrim Statue

    The International Statue of Fatima is a Pilgrim statue and makes regular visits to the faithful to inspire and lead us closer to Our Lord through Our Lady...

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The Centennial Year 2017

The centennial year of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima is well underway. We invite all our friends and visitors to check our 2017 schedule for an event near you! 

If you are not familiar with the story of Fatima, read about it!

The first apparition of Our Lady occurred on May 13th, 1917.  Our Lady appeared suspended on a cloud, surrounded by bright light and holding a Rosary. She said, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you!” Lucia asked the Lady where she came from, to which she answered,  “I am from heaven.” After this, Lucia asked the Lady what she wanted of them. The Lady replied, “I ask you to come here for six months in succession on the thirteenth day at this same hour. Then I will tell you who I am and what I want. And afterwards I will return here a seventh time.” Read more.

Even today, children and adults still yearn for Our Lady to show them the way to Jesus. Through our ministry of the UN Pilgrim Statue Our Lady of Fatima, we hope that we can help to bring Our Lady’s message of peace and hope to you today. 

Visit our photo gallery or find us on Facebook to see everyday people like you and me sharing our devotion to Jesus through Our Lady of Fatima.

May God bless you in this very special centennial year!