I just wanted to let someone know how the Blessed Mother has healed my daughter. Two years ago, my daughter (who is now 7) was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Henoch Scholen Purpura.

It is a disorder that causes painful purple splotches all over her skin along with arthritis in all of her joints. The disorder progressed to her kidneys and she had to be placed on anti hypertensive and immunosuppressant medications to maintain the integrity of the kidneys and prevent scar tissue from forming. Some children develop such severe kidney failure that they have to be placed on dialysis. My daughter had to undergo ultrasounds and biopsies along with the pain of this disease.

After hearing about the statue’s return to the area, my family went to see the Fatima Statue in Youngstown, OH (an hour long ride, but well worth it). We placed the First Class Relics(Jacinta and Francisco, and the piece of the holmok tree), over my daughter’s kidneys. When we went to our home parish the next day, we saw that she would be traveling to St. Barnabas Church so we visited again. We have never given up hope that the Blessed Mother would answer our prayers.

When we went to the nephrologist yesterday, not only did she say we could discontinue the immunosupressant, but that my daughter’s lab tests were “perfect”! Something we have not heard for almost two years! Again, I just needed to let you know that I believe a miracle has happened! Please share this miraculous news to everyone you know!          BC Cleveland,Ohio



It all began a few months ago when my wife and I were trying to conceive a baby. We tried for almost a year and were not having any luck at all. We attended different doctors to figure out why and couldn’t find the answer. On top of all this my wife’s mother had lost her vision and we were really feeling down. But one day we read in the Catholic newspaper that the Lady of Fatima statue, its custodian and 1st Class relics were coming to a church near our home. So my wife said that she was going to attend and visit the church but I was unable to due to work.
As she knelt in prayer to Our Lady for her intercession to Jesus, my wife said she could feel a connection that left her breathless! She was unable to take her eyes off of Mary’s image. My wife continued to pray very diligently.
Then, about two weeks later we went to the doctor and found out that we are expecting a baby. And my wife’s mother has regained vision in both eyes. My wife and I are now fifteen weeks pregnant and are so grateful. Not only did we receive one miracle but we received two of them!
LH- OHIO 11/22/12