The apparitions of Mary from Fatima

From May 13th to October 13th 1917 Our Lady appeared six times at Fatima in Portugal to three simple shepherd children. On May 13, 1930, the apparitions were declared credible by the Bishop of Leiria, Giuseppe Alves Correia da Silva, and the public veneration of Our Lady of Fatima was permitted.
The messages that Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta received at that time are still of great importance for the whole world today. Popes have made pilgrimages to Fatima, along with millions of believers. Fatima prayer circles have been formed all over the world. The salvation of souls and the peace of the world, Mary calls us to pray for this in a special way.
The picture shows the three seer children of Fatima, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. Two of the seer children died soon after the apparitions. Francisco died on April 4, 1919 at the age of eleven, Jacinta died after suffering severe pneumonia in 1920 at the age of only nine. Both were beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000. Lucia, on the other hand, was 97 years old. In 1926 she joined the Dorothee Institute in Tuy / Spain. But since the public interest in her was very great and she found no rest there, she received it from Pope Pius XII in 1948. permission to enter the Carmel of Coimbra. There she died on February 13, 2005. On February 19, 2006, on the eve of the liturgical feast of the two blessed seer children Francisco and Jacinta.

our lady of fatima

If one looks at the Marian apparitions of the past decades, the events of Fatima occupy a special place, because what constitutes the significance of the Marian apparitions in modern times occurs here in particular density and conciseness:

  • lively preaching of the biblical message,
  • concentrated presentation essential truths of faith,
  • serious commitment to a life according to the commandments of God,
  • illuminating the crisis situation of mankind.

Popes have made pilgrimages to Fatima, along with millions of believers. Fatima prayer circles have been formed all over the world. The salvation of souls and the peace of the world, Mary calls us to pray for this in a special way:

Pray, pray a lot, and make sacrifices for sinners because so many souls go to hell because nobody sacrifices himself for them and prays for them.

It is God’s urgent call to us humans that Jesus already called out:

Repent and Believe in the Gospel!

Only through repentance can people be saved. That is the testimony of Scripture. In the Revelation of John in particular, the events of the end times, which began with the coming of Jesus Christ, are presented to us as a battle between good and evil. Whoever remains steadfast in faith in adversity will be saved and find eternal peace.
Peace does not come about by itself. Peace comes from God only when people do his will. Fatima is a message of peace:

If you do what I tell you, many souls will be saved and peace will come.

God wants to give us his peace. Jesus says to his disciples:

I leave you peace, I give you my peace. (Jn 14:27)

The first word of the risen One to the disciples is the desire for peace. God calls us to peace, he wants to give the world its peace and give people salvation.

Out of love, God has addressed this urgent call of his mercy to us with the aim of helping us on the path of our salvation. (Sr. Lucia)

Pope John Paul II attributed it to the protection of Mary in a special way that he survived the assassination attempt on him on May 13, 1981. During his visit on May 13, 1982, under the blue globe of the statue of Our Lady in the Apparition Chapel of Fatima, the sphere that was removed from his body after the assassination attempt on St. Peter’s Square was placed. He took the message of Fatima seriously and consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He chose June 7, 1981, the day of Pentecost. At the same time, the two great councils of the Church were commemorated on this day, the first Council of Constantinople, which took place 1,600 years ago, and the Council of Ephesus, which took place 1550 years ago. The Pope himself wrote a prayer for this so-called “act of trust”,

O mother of men and nations, you know all their sufferings and hopes, you feel with maternal sympathy all the struggles between good and evil, between the light and the darkness with which the world is afflicted – hear our call, which we in the sacred Direct mind to your heart. Embrace with the love of the mother and the handmaid of the Lord those who most long for this loving affection, and at the same time also those whose trust you are particularly waiting for! Take the whole human family, whom we entrust to you with loving devotion, O mother, under your maternal protection. May all people enjoy times of peace and freedom, times of truth, justice and hope!

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