About The Statue

What is the significance of the U.N. International Statue of Our Lady of Fatima?

This statue is an official International Pilgrim Virgin statue.  It has been reported that on October 13, 1952, the Bishop of Fatima blessed this image for its mission to the United Nations.

Why is it called the United Nations International Statue?

On December 8th, 1952, having been brought to America from Fatima, it has been related that this statue was taken into the Meditation Room of the United Nations by Msgr. Harold Colgan, Founder of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima. There he led the recitation of the Rosary.

The true value of this statue …not only as an official Pilgrim Virgin sent by the Bishop of Fatima…is that it becomes for us what Pope Pius XII has described as “THE MESSENGER OF HER ROYALTY”.

How can I get this statue into my Diocese or Parish?

1. “Contact Us” Page provides email and phone information.
2. The Local Ordinary (Bishop) will be contacted and approval for the statue’s visit will be requested.
3. Once Diocesan approval has been obtained, local pastors or administrators who will host the statue must give their official approval.