Authenticity and Verification

This statue is an official International Pilgrim Virgin statue.

The United Nations International Pilgrim Statue meets approval of all statues of the *World Apostolate of Fatima as a public international association of the faithful, according to canons 298-320 and 327-329 of the Code of Canon Law.

The approval of the statues of this association duly authenticated by the Dicastery and deposited in its Achieves, for a period of five years ad experimentum. (Vatican City, 7 October 2005, Memory of the Blessed Mary Virgin of the Rosary). Pontificium Constilium Pro Laitcis.

*The international headquarters of the World Apostolate of Fatima is in Fatima, Portugal at the beautiful pilgrim guesthouse of Domus Pacis (House of Peace). New Jersey is national home in the United States A “Division” is a Diocesan branch of the World Apostolate. It is an extension of the Apostolate mission on the local level. Our Diocesan Division (Rhode Island) is approved by Local Ordinary (Bishop) and under guidance of our Spiritual Director (Priest).

The United Nations International Pilgrim Statue has been appraised and verified by a certified senior member of the American Society of Appraisers.

The true value of this statue …not only as an official Pilgrim Virgin sent by the Bishop of Fatima…is that it becomes for us what Pope Pius XII has described as “THE MESSENGER OF HER ROYALTY”.